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Felmark Car Rental Illustratsioon: Additional services

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  • Car delivery or collection: in Tallinn centre area at 09:00-18:00 9,6 EUR; out of office hours fee (18:01-08:59) 36 EUR; car pick-up or return at Tallinn Airport in main office hours free of charge
  • Additional driver: 28 EUR per driver.
  • Child safety seat: up to 14 days 29 EUR per rental, extra day 2 EUR.
  • Ski-box: 29 EUR per day.
  • To drive to Latvia or Lithuania the 68,40 EUR service area extension fee applies (per country).
  • One way rental: car pick-up or drop-off at Riga 162 EUR, Vilnius 288 EUR, Tartu 79 EUR, Pärnu 79 EUR.
  • Refuelling service: 3,9 EUR/litre.
  • Prepaid fuel service: in order to save time by not refilling the fuel tank at the end of rental the renter may purchase a full tank of fuel at the beginning of rental and return a car with empty tank; fuel discount -10%.
  • Reduced liability of the renter: by paying additional fee the renter's liability can be reduced in the case of accident or theft; for information contact broneerimine@felmark.ee or pho. +372 5158333.
  • Chauffeur services: 08:00-19:00 1 hour 9,6 EUR (up to 8 following hours); 07:59-18:59 1 hour 19,2 EUR.
  • Transfer services: for transfer service offer contact broneerimine@felmark.ee or pho. +372 5158333.
  • GPS navigation system: 9,50 EUR per day.

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