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Felmark Car Rental Illustratsioon: General terms

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Rental period

The minimum period for the calculation of the rental price is one day (24 hours). Cars can be hired for rental periods of less than one day, but the price will be the same. The additional hourly rate will be applied if the 24-hour period is exceeded by more than one hour. The additional hourly rate depends on the daily rate for the period in question.

Driving Licences and Other Documents

To rent a car the valid driving license, passport and credit card for deposit reservation in liability amount (excess) is needed. At least one year driving experience is required. All drivers must be at least 21-24 years of age (depending of car class). Temporary, learner’s licenses or licenses which does not mach to European driving categories will not be accepted. International driving license is needed if arriving outside of EU countries (USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico etc.).

Rental price

The rental price includes insurances (accident/CDW, theft cover/TP, third party liability/TPL), unlimited mileage in Estonia (in Latvia and Lithuania unlimited mileage with border crossing fees, see Additional services), 24-hour emergency assistance and VAT 22%. "Special" offers include limited mileage (information with booking confirmation).


The insurances (CDW, TP, TPL) are valid on territory of European countries. Rental prices include renter’s liability (excess) of up to 1100 EUR in case of accident. Tyres, windshield and interior are not covered by insurance.

Pick-up and Return

Pick-up and return in main working hours at our offices Tatari 56 Tallinn and Tallinn Airport free of charge. Delivery or collection in centre area of Tallinn in main working hours 09:00 - 18:00 is 15 EUR. Out of office hours fee (18:01-08:59) 39 EUR. Fee of 2 EUR per kilometre is charged for outside Tallinn deliveries.


All cars are supplied with a full tank. Refuelling charge, when returning a car with unfilled tank, is 4,9 EUR per litre. If you pay for a full tank at the beginning of the rental, you may return the car with empty tank, discount -10%.

Terms of Payment

Services are usually paid for in advance. Acceptable forms of payment are by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express), against an invoice and in cash. Reservations are paid 30 % up front and the balance is due upon the start of rental. Quarantee deposit in excess amount will be reserved by credit card and will be released in around 10 days after the rental


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